Our Vent Hood Services

What's Included

  When customers buy a hood package from Vent Tech Commercial Hoods, they get everything needed to have their vent hood system pass their cities local codes. Our vent hood packages always include the vent hood of course but also includes all of these important pieces. You will get the stainless hood wrappers, Stainless wall panels that span the whole width of the hood or hoods, You get all the hood filters, lights and room temp sensors needed per city code. We include the fire suppression system and hookup. Our hoods come pre wired with lights and hood control switches. Last but not least our vent hood packages include the properly sized exhaust fans with fan curbs and a supply fan to balance the system. All supply duct and grease duct with fire wrap insulation is included to make connections between hood and fans. 


Utility Set Exhaust Fan


A utility set exhaust fan is for vent hoods that have two story's or more to exhaust the heat and grease long distances.

Upblast Exhaust Fan


The upblast exhaust fan is the most commonly used exhaust fan. These can be used on most jobs.

Commercial Vent Hood Install


This is a 13 foot type 1 commercial vent hood that we installed in one of the restaurants in the Mitsuwa Market in Plano Texas. 

15 Ton Cooled Supply Fan


For customers that want cooled make up air in the summer and heated make up air in the winter for their vent hood.

Pizza Oven Hood Install


Hood installation for Pizza oven at the Hub Streat Plano.

Pizza Hood

Pizza oven hood

Wood fire pizza oven hood. that we installed at the Hub Streat in Plano Texas.